2022-10-05 03:16:23
BRANDING - Eucto Digital


If people can’t relate themselves with your branding, it is bad branding. Good branding not only impresses, but lasts.


How did we do that?


Our name is strange so our logo couldn’t be. Hence the typographic one. Then comes colors and themes. But we can’t just throw in some pleasing colors and amusing themes and call it branding, can we? That’s why we manifest our charming personality through our replies to you, our E-mails, our content, websites and designs.

All for what? To bring to you that playful smile that turns into an affair waiting to happen.

How do we do that for you?

>> We introduce you to your logo 

>> We set the tone with your values and wants; It wouldn’t be yours if it wasn’t borne of you 

>> We make it marketable and market it; What’s the point of having something so great but hiding it under the bookshelf! 

>> We build trust


The only way to appeal to even the most opinionated of customers is ‘branding done right’.

And we always do it right.


A word of honor from Eucto-Digital:


We will be to your brand and your customers, what St. Valentine was to the unfortunate couple.

Brand Positioning


Next comes brand positioning.


We isolate you from your competitors by bringing to light the one feature that sets you apart.


Now what do you think sets us apart?

You should’ve guessed it when St. Valentine was brought into brand building. Yes, our content. We’ll find yours too.