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Web and App Development

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"An app is not just about technology, it's a dream for the future."

Web Application

Web apps are application programs that reside on a remote server and are delivered to the user’s device over a network. These apps do not have to be downloaded. They can be accessed through a network with the help of a web browser. These require a client-side program and a server-side program for effective functioning. Server-side programming is done to power the client-side program and is used to create the scripts required for execution.


Web apps are web-based programs that perform and work like to a mobile application. They engage users by prioritizing responsive interactions but are delivered through the internet browser.

>> Native web apps are application programs that use device-specific hardware for their functioning.

>> Hybrid applications are programs that are a combination of native and web applications. They make use of various internet APIs that make use of device-specific resources similar to the native applications

Our web developers are deep-rooted in both client-side and server-side programming. They entangle their minds with HTML, JavaScript, Ruby, Python, and R. They understand client-needs and develop applications that satisfy their wants.

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Mobile Application

The advent of mobile applications has changed the world to a whole new world. People access the entire world from their pockets. Business people are using mobile applications to develop their business in remote places.



The mobile application development process involves the creation of installable software codes, assets, and much more, implementing backend (server-side) services like data access (achieved with an API), and testing the application on the target devices. The most prominent platforms for mobile application development are iOS (Apple Inc.) and android (Google Inc.)



Developing applications for Android OS and iOS differs mainly in the software development kits, despite certain similarities between them. Android OS SDK’s are open source tool kits and they have given access to the entire world for developing mobile applications. Hence, developers across the world can develop mobile applications.


The mobile applications developed by us provide a unique user experience. We care about user delight more than anything else. We achieve that through various testing methods. We are creative artists who bestow users with a wholesome encounter.


Yes, Happy Apping to you!